Welcome to Rat Pack Dog Services!

At Rat Pack Dog Services you can learn how to solve all these training problems and more!  With training methods that are kind, ethical, effective and simple to master, YOU can have happy walks and a dog that is a joy to be with.  You can learn in a safe judgement free place where you and your dog will develop better bonds and have fun together!

Our aim for all our clients is to train the ultimate ‘pub dog’!

A pub dog is a dog who is a cool cucumber in the face of what the world throws at them. They can chill with you anywhere; from the pub, a cafe or even a picnic at the park.

It’s a dog who wants you to be present and participate in their adventures and discovery. They are free to discover who they are and develop their own unique personality.

Rat Pack also aims to create a community of people who share a love for their dogs, support each other and love to train. We have an online community and monthly social walks to connect and catch up. Once you’ve become part of The Rat Pack, you’re a member for life!

For questions about our courses and any other enquiries, please email info@ratpackdogservices.co.uk


My name is Emma…

…and I am the owner of Rat Pack Dog Services, named after my own pack of terriers. It was because of one of my dogs, Bertie, and his reactivity issues that I first became interested in the dog training world.  I sought help from several trainers and eventually found what worked best for us and haven’t looked back since!  I am a firm believer in involving owners in every part of their dog’s training. 

As I have experienced owning challenging dogs myself, I know what a lonely place that can be and how valuable judgement-free support can be!

Myself my Rat Pack.

After first working at one of the largest doggy daycares in South Wales for 3 years, I have ventured out on my own to specialise in training.   I am currently undertaking the Advanced Dog Trainers course with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and teach both Scentwork and Mantrailing sports.  I am insured, Dog and Human First Aid trained and DBS checked. I am associated with the Pet Professional Guild, Pet Professional Network and Doggone Safe; a dog bite prevention education programme.

I have a wide-range of experience with a variety of breeds and behaviours, group dynamics and class environments.

Positive reward based methods are used in all my training and classes. It is the most effective and user friendly way to train.  Dogs should not be expected to work for free or be intimidated but to have a good time and build a close bond with their owners.  I ensure all training classes are family friendly, fun and informative for dog and owner.  I have only have small class numbers to ensure a personal training experience is had by both dog and owner.


Are you looking for the right class or training plan for you and your dog?

At Rat Pack Dog Services we offer you a range of services to meet your training  and dog care needs.  We are insured, Canine and Human First Aid qualified, DBS checked and constantly engaged in increasing our skills with continual training.

We train with ethical and effective methods that are easy for anyone to adapt to and learn.  Our classes are fun, family friendly and will help you and your dog become a close team! We want you to enjoy life together without stress and aim have the ultimate ‘pub dog’.  For more information on our variety of services, click on the relevent tabs below.



1-2-1 Training

Care Services


We aim to provide workshops from both ourselves and fellow dog trainers to give a rounded education on all things dog related. We have run past workshops on Recall, First Aid, Scentwork and Dog Sports.

We have a workshop in the Vale every month covering a new topic. You can keep up to date with our upcoming workshops below.

Upcoming Workshops

Dogs & Sprogs Workshop
Sunday 15th September – 10am to 12pm

Is your child nervous around dogs?
Are they not sure when and when not to approach?
Is there a lack of boundaries between your child and your dog?
Do you worry about not knowing how they should be interacting with dogs?

This 2 hour workshop is aimed at working with young people . Through games and interactive worksheets your child will learn how to be safe and get the most out of man’s best friend. Topics covered during the workshop will be:
– What to do if a strange dog approaches
– How to pet a dog safely
– Learning to respect their pet
– Understanding dog body language

Cost: £10 per child

Please fill in this form to book onto the Dogs & Sprogs Workshop. Booking is only confirmed once completed booking form is sent and full payment made.

Teenage Terrors Workshops
Sunday 15th September – 1pm to 4pm

Our extremely popular workshop for young dogs is back!

Has your previously adorable pup turned into a monster?
Bad habits appearing from our the cracks?
Recall gone out the window?
Have you become the last thing they are interested in?

This workshop is aimed at working with adolescent dogs and learning about this trying time for both you and your young pooch. Through games and reward based techniques you will learn how to help prevent, manage and reinforce the right behaviours. Topics covered during the workshop will be:
– Recall
– Focus
– Proofing the right things
– Settling
– Lead Walking

Cost: £40

Please fill in this form to book onto the Teenage Terrors Workshop. Booking is only confirmed once completed booking form is sent and full payment made.

Coming Up in October:
Pub Dog 101

List of Workshops