Does a Picture Really Say 1000 Words?

Does a picture really say 1000 words?

What does it look like is happening in this picture?

In this snapshot you can see Lulu mid scratch. Looks like a pretty boring image if you’re asking me; just a dog with an itch. But is that all that is happening? You see pictures of dogs on the internet and people asking for opinions on body language. The problem is you are lacking context, you’re seeing a second of time and missing the rest in the lead up and aftermath of the shutter snapping.

The real context of this picture is that there is a half chewed pizzle on the bed being guarded by Bertie who is hidden behind the bedroom door. Lulu aborted walking into the room and turned and scratched herself to take the heat off from Bertie’s staring and let him know she doesn’t mean any harm.

What’s happened in the lead up to this image has changed the entire context of what you’re seeing. It’s important not to judge a single moment without understanding what’s happened outside the picture. This is also very true for anyone and their dog that you encounter when out on a walk. Try not to judge and make assumptions about someone from the snippet of their life you have crossed roads with. It can be very annoying to your day when a strange dog goes after yours or an owner is trying catch their errant hound. Perhaps you’re the one who’s had a crap day of it with the dog who’s caused a ruckus. The last thing you’d want is to have someone judge you for one small snippet of your day.

Sometimes an ignorant owner is just an ignorant owner. But sometimes it’s a person with a dog who has had an unfortunate time and needs the benefit of the doubt.

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