Management In Dog Behaviour

Are you setting your dog up to succeed?

I talk about management a great deal in my classes and consults. This infographic gets the point across wonderfully.

Management should be a part of any training you do with your dog from simply teaching your dog a sit to behaviour modification. Controlling the environment you are working in and preventing dogs from doing undesirable things is all part of a greater strategy to then promote the right behaviours.

You wouldn’t teach your dog to sit in the middle of a crowded street, right? You start somewhere quiet.

People can make the mistake of falling into management mode only and never progress to reinforcing the desired behaviours. It can feel safe in your management bubble but often we are not actually dealing with the situation.

When behaviours and habits form, neural pathways are created in the brain. Those pathways become stronger the more they are used. That’s why kicking a bad habit is so hard! Management is great when we want to rewire the brain as it stops those neural pathways being used. If they aren’t used then they weaken and break down (use it or loose it)!

By reinforcing the new and desired behaviours, we are forming new neural pathways and making them strong. How cool is that?!?!?

Credit: 4Paws University

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