Rapid Recall

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Got yourself a dog that enjoys being any other place than with you? Walks a nightmare? Is your dog deaf to you the minute they are free from the lead?

The Rapid Recall online course goes over the foundations of developing a better recall with your dog and teach you the skills to develop on your own. Through a variety of training games we will work on bringing your dog’s focus back to you and discuss why we can have issues with recall and how to overcome them.

How does it work?
Once you sign up to the course you will be added to our email format of the course. You will receive weekly emails each containing the exercises for that week, mini talks and information handouts. If you have Facebook, you will also be encouraged to join the exclusive group to share your progress and ask questions. Once a week there is a Q&A session via ZOOM to see live video trainer sessions going over any issues with training and demos.

What’s included?
– Weekly emails containing training tutorials in video format
– Exclusive Facebook group for feedback and sharing.
– Weekly live Q&A training sessions via ZOOM
– 3 month recall training plan
– Certificate of Competion

!!!!!!!!All this for the introductory price of £40!!!!!!!!

Intake begins from 25th March 2020
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If you’d like more information or booking details email info@ratpackdogservices.co.uk