Fantastic Fido

Do you have a Fantastic Fido in the making?

This is a great online class for building a close bond with your dog and increase focus, all while learning how to do some cool tricks! During the course we will go over the basics of luring, shaping, using markers and foundation behaviours. Work your way through our levels of increasingly complex and impressive tricks to wow your friends and family!

This is a perfect course to join for kids to learn to train their dog, dogs on limited exercise or anyone just looking to work their dog’s noggin!

How’s it work?
Once you sign up to the course you will be added to our email format of the course. You will receive weekly emails each containing 2 tricks for you to work on at your own pace. If you have Facebook, you will also be encouraged to join the exclusive group to share your progress and ask questions. You can set up a Q&A session via ZOOM to see live trainer sessions going over any issues with training.

Once you have mastered all your tricks, you’ll need to video them and share them to your trainer to gain your certificate of completion and a rosette!

What’s included?
– Lifetime access!
– Weekly emails containing trick tutorials in video format
– Exclusive Facebook group for feedback and sharing.
– Q&A training sessions via ZOOM
– Certificate of completion and rosette posted to you!

Level 1 Tricks include:
Twist and Spin
Paws Up
Leg Weaves
Roll Over
Namaste (bow)
Paw (ring bell)
Sit Pretty
Sad Dog

Just £60

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