Scentwork Classes

Super Sniffers Scentwork Course

Want to turn you and your dog into Scent Detectives?

A dog’s sense of smell is their primary sense; they glean a lot of information about the world with their nose.  We use this powerful sense as a great mental workout teaching your dog to locate and indicate on a specific scent.  This great dog sport is very beneficial for mental stimulation and wellbeing. It is also capable of boosting your dogs confidence as they work with a variety of scenarios.

Progress through the levels at your own pace, learning to search rooms, vehicles, objects and building perimeters. We are certified with Scentwork UK and have over 3 years of experience in this sport.

This is a 6 week course and the target scent and scent boxes and tins will be provided for you to keep. The classes roll every 6 weeks to allow for progression at your own pace.

Cost £80

Available Dates:
Penarth – 8th March 2019– 7:30pm

For more details or to book, please email