Super Sniffers

Want to turn you and your dog into Scent Detectives?

A dog’s sense of smell is their primary sense; they glean a lot of information about the world with their nose.  We use this powerful sense as a great mental workout teaching your dog to locate and indicate on a specific scent.  This great dog sport is very beneficial for mental stimulation and wellbeing. It is also capable of boosting your dogs confidence as they work with a variety of scenarios.

Progress through the levels at your own pace, learning to search rooms, vehicles, objects and building perimeters. We are certified with Scentwork UK and UK Sniffer Dogs and have over 4 years of experience in this sport.

Our classes are run in 6 week blocks and the target scent and scent boxes and tins will be provided for you to keep. The classes roll every 6 weeks to allow for progression at your own pace and work through the levels. You can also attend various ‘trials’ if you wish to compete in this sport.

Cost £80

Please fill in the booking form HERE

Available Dates:
Barry Island – Wednesday 19th February – 6pm

For more details or to book, please email

Take your Scentwork training up to the next level with the return of our monthly Scentwork Gone Wild training session!

These sessions are all about generalising your dog’s search skills to new places, indoors and out! Each location offers a variety of unique search opportunities and all sorts of learning scenarios! This class is also suitable for any dog already on an odour.

Limited to 5 dogs per session!

Cost: £15/session

Taught by an accredited Scentwork UK and UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor. To book on these sessions please fill in the booking form HERE.

Available Dates:
22nd February
14th March