Teenage Terrors

Coming Soon…

Has your previously adorable pup turned into a monster?
Bad habits appearing from our the cracks?
Recall gone out the window?
Have you become the last thing they are interested in?

This online course, based on our extrememly popular workshop, is aimed at working with adolescent dogs and learning about this trying time for both you and your young pooch. Through games and reward based techniques you will learn how to help prevent, manage and reinforce the right behaviours. Topics covered during the course will be:
– Recall
– Focus
– Proofing the right things
– Settling
– Lead Walking

How does it work?
Once you sign up to the course you will be added to our email format of the course. You will receive weekly emails each containing the exercises for that week, mini talks and information handouts. If you have Facebook, you will also be encouraged to join the exclusive group to share your progress and ask questions. Once a week there is a Q&A session via ZOOM to see live video trainer sessions going over any issues with training and demos.

What’s included?
– Weekly emails containing training tutorials in video format
– Exclusive Facebook group for feedback and sharing.
– Weekly live Q&A training sessions via ZOOM
– Certificate of Competion

!!!!!!!!All this for the introductory price of £40!!!!!!!!

Intake begins from 25th March 2020
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If you’d like more information or booking details email info@ratpackdogservices.co.uk